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Hayat Vegan/Halal Vitamins - Buy All and SAVE

Hayat Vitamins Vegan Natural Tart Cherry provides 800 MG per serving. Made with the finest cherries in the US.
$48.35 $41.95

Hayat Vegan/Halal Vitamins - Muscles and Joints Duo (Tart Cherry + Vitamin D)

Hayat Vitamins Vegan Natural Tart Cherry provides 800 MG per serving. Made with the finest cherries in the US.
$22.45 $20.00

Hayat Vitamins Vegan Natural Immunity Supplement with Vitamin C, D, Elderberry, Garlic, Echinacea & Zinc, Certified Halal, 90 Capsules

Powered by natural ingredients like Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc and Garlic along with Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, Hayat Vitamins Immunity formula helps supporting your...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan Natural Vitamin D 5000 IU, D3, Lichen, Certified Halal, 60 Tablets

Hayat Vitamins Vegan Natural D3 is derived from Lichen. Vitamin D3 is beneficial for immune, cardiovascular, bone density and structure, and cellular function. Vitamin D is essential to ensure healthy...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Ginkgo Biloba 120 MG, 120 Capsules

Hayat Vitamins' Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg standardized extract may help maintain healthy circulation & may help support mental alertness & healthy brain function, perfect for occasional mild memory problems associated...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Melatonin 5 MG, Quick Dissolve, 60 Tablets

Sleep enhances immune defense and a lack of it can affect the immune system; Studies have shown how people who don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of illness,...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, 60 Tablets

You’re doing everything you can to eat right, get enough exercise and make good decision for your health. But it is difficult to get everything your body needs every day....

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Tart Cherry 800 MG, 90 Capsules

Hayat Vitamins' Tart Cherry capsules are made with  800 mg of whole tart cherry powder. Tart cherry, also known as sour cherry, is used for muscle soreness after exercise, improving...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Vitamin B12 2500 MCG, Quick Dissolve, 60 Tablets

Vegans and vegetarians are often lacking B12 because of a lack of plant-based food sources. Hayat Vitamins' vegan B12 provides a perfect source of vitamin B12 for those who don't...

Hayat Vitamins Vegan/Halal Natural Vitamin D2 2400 IU, 60 Tablets

Vitamin D is key for good health in so many ways. You may know that Vitamin D is important for helping your body to absorb calcium and, by extension, bone...
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