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About Us

"Hayat" means Life.  And at Hayat Vitamins, we offer nutritional supplements that help you get the most from your life.

The Hayat Vitamin line is registered by the Vegan Society, AND it meets halal food preparation requirements.  Gluten, dairy, egg, and wheat free, Hayat Vitamins are a pure, complete solution to ensuring your diet includes basic nutrients..

Certified Vegan products are dairy-free, egg-free, and vegan.   All Hayat products are formulated specifically to ensure they do not contain animal products or by-products, and they have not been tested on animals. 

Like all halal food, Hayat products are prepared in a certified halal facility with halal hygienic practices, which lowers risk for contamination and results in safer consumption. 

Now you can have the benefits of halal preparation and vegan certification in a gluten free vitamin product line.



About The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society may have been established 75 years ago but veganism has been around much longer. Evidence of people choosing to avoid animal products can be traced back over 2,000 years. As early as 500 BCE, Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras promoted benevolence among all species and followed what could be described as a vegetarian diet.

Registered with The Vegan SocietyFast forward to 1806 CE and the earliest concepts of veganism are just starting to take shape, with Dr William Lambe and Percy Bysshe Shelley amongst the first Europeans to publicly object to eggs and dairy on ethical grounds.

Although the vegan diet was defined early on it was as late as 1949 before Leslie J Cross pointed out that the society lacked a definition of veganism and he suggested “[t]he principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man”. This is later clarified as “to seek an end to the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man”.

The society was first registered as a charity in August 1964 but its assets were later transferred to a new charity when it also became limited company in December 1979.  The definition of veganism and the charitable objects of the society were amended and refined over the years.  By winter 1988 this definition was in use - although the phrasing has changed slightly over the years - and remains so today:


About Halal Monitoring Services

Halal Monitoring Services, a branch of Shariah Board of America (Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation), is a non-profit independent Halal monitoring organization which:

Certified by Halal Monitoring ServicesCertifies and monitors only hand-slaughtered Halal meat according to the principles of Zabiha Halal. 

  1. Monitors the whole process, from the source(s) of ingredients, to the production process.
  2. Makes sure there is no mixing with non-certified ingredients at any level of the supply.
  3. Has an independent team of experienced Ulama running the service.
  4. Generates a network of certified slaughterhouses, grocery stores,  restaurants and consumable products, currently spanning over several cities across 13 states in the US
  5. Has provided services since 2005


HMS works hard to:

  1. Increase awareness in the general public about the importance of eating Halal.
  2. Help Muslims across North America to have access to pure halal products.
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